Fabricated Tube & Wire Assemblies

TPC is your resource for tube and wire assemblies such as:

Transmission control lines

Vacuum brake booster line

Vacuum supply harnesses

Windshield tubing

Head lamp washer system tubing

Oil Transfer & Filter Assemblies

Seat frame

Fuel fill tube

Prowler luggage rack

Gas furnace burner

Gas mask water tube

Exhaust headers

Gear shift lever

Seat adjusting lever

Hood Prop Rod

Fuel tank filler spuds

Jeep rock slider rail

Thermal insulation

Heat Sleeves

Thermal Blankets

Industrial Carbon Steel Wire

Alloy Steel Wire

Cluster Tubes for brake and fuel lines

Pretensioner tubes

Water tubes

Fuel senders

Oil cooler tubes

Energy Absorbing Tube

Heat Protection Tubing

Spring Lock Couplings


Engineered Tube

Fuel rail tubes

OBVR Fuel Emission Tube

Transfer case oil pump tube assembly

Vacuum brake tube

Hydraulic Clutch Actuation Tube

Air leveling lines and assemblies

Air suspension lines and assemblies

Central hydraulic tubing

Central lubrication tubing

Chemical tubing

Emission control harnesses

Emission line tubing

Fuel rail cross-over lines

HVAC tubing and assemblies

Hydraulic clutch tubes

Hydraulic suspension tubing

Seat umbas air lines

Mono-layer fuel line tubing

Pre-formed fuel line tubing

On-board vapor recovery lines

Pneumatic tubing

Power brake reservoir return lines

Remote reservoir lines

  Nylon monowall tube

  Multilayer nylon tube

  Welded low carbon steel tube

  Aluminum tube

  Stainless steel tube

  Low carbon steel wire


  • Processes

    Tube fabrication

    Screw machines

    Stainless steel tube manufacturing

    Thermoplastic tube extrusions

    Complex thermoformed bending

    Press Forming




    Tube end forming

    Custom, Multi-axis bending

    Design support and development services

    Assembly & Testing



    Centerless Grinding

  • Materials


    Low carbon

    High-Strength-Low-Alloy (HSLA)

    Stainless Steel (most grades)






    Industrial Carbon Steel Wire

    Alloy Steel Wire

    PA/PC-Coated tubing


    Nylon (Polyamide) 6, 66, 612, 11 & 12

    Polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE)

    TPE / TPU Thermoplastic elastomers

    Mono or multi-layer tubing

    Plastic convoluted tubing

  • Dimensional Limits

    Dimensional Limits

    Product tube size ranges from 0.75mm [0.030”] to 175mm [7.000”] diameter and above for some operations.

    Tube wall thickness may range from 0.15mm [0.006”] to 12.0mm [0.500”]

    Wire diameters up to 9.0mm [0.375”] may be fabricated.

    Beading 2.5" diameter low carbon steel tube with .083" wall

    3" tube diameter capacity

    Plastic Tubing: Cut to length and coil tubing up to 30 mm in diameter

    Wire Fabrication:

    Diameter: 0.70” to .950”

    Standard Bar Size Range

    Cold Drawn Bars: 0.090" - 0.785"

    Centerless Ground Bars: 0.090"- 0.760"

  • Finishes


    Powder coated



    Powder painting

    Wet spray


    Heat treating


    Zinc Phosphate & Lime

    Zinc Phosphate & Polymer

    Zinc Phosphate & Liube

    Zinc Phosphate Lime & Grease Drawn

    Lime & Grease Drawn

    Lime & Stearate

    Copper Coating

  • Wire Tolerances

    Wire Tolerances:


    Standard wire size tolerance:

    0.070" - 0.130"  +/- 0.0005"

    0.131" - 0.400"  +/- 0.0010"

    0.401" - 1.010"  +/- 0.0015"


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